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As you age, you may notice that your performance inside and outside the gym tends to drop off. This is
completely normal, but with a healthy mindset around how to best tackle obstacles, you can still achieve

your goals across the board. Whether you’re exercising on a regular basis or working towards a healthier
future, our doctors can prescribe you with products to help you reach your goals.


As a natural part of getting older, your body will start producing less of its own natural hormones that are
crucial for your energy levels. So that you can still achieve all of your goals, we help you understand how
to maximise the levels of energy you have stored, and gain a better mentality towards reaching new

We’re dedicated to being your source for quality guidance that lets you reap the benefits. To learn about
our products, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.


Using products that support your fitness goals not a new concept, but may be daunting if you’re
unfamiliar with how they work or how to best approach them. But don’t let this stop you. Our clinic’s
doctors are ready and able to help you with your questions. We encourage you to book in a consultation
to learn more about the journey we can help you embark on.


We have a dedicated team working tirelessly to develop approaches that are supportive and mindful of
all clients’ needs. Through careful research and development, our team bring years of experience and
knowledge to help clients gain a better perspective of their vision and dreams.


1. Fast Assessment

As peptides in Australia are classified as schedule 4 medication, we legally require you to fill out a quick health assessment form before you can enter our online store, and view our products. You can find the form Here.


2. Instant Store Access

Once the form has been filled out, and you have chosen a username and password, you will be taken straight to our online store where you can browse our products. Your log in details are also emailed to you.

3. Safe & Secure Checkout

Check out using our safe and secure payment gateway! Product shipping is included in the ‘Mandatory Prescription, Consumables & Shipping.’ You can find out more about that in our FAQ section

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To receive further information and prices of Peptides You will need to complete a simple online medical questionnaire. This is a legal requirement due to the regulation of Peptides in Australia. We cannot legally advertise specific Peptides to the general public without first ascertaining you are over 18 years of age and have submitted the required medical records.

All medical information is confidentially stored on our medical database.


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