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If you’d like to promote your well-being and gain a better understanding of how to
maximise strength, you may want to see we can provide you with support. Our team are
backed by experience and knowledge that lets you gain a peace of mind in knowing
how to tackle each hurdle in your fitness and wellbeing journey.


After an injury, it can take some time for damaged tissues to heal. Whether you’re living
with a strain or sprain, recovery can be hampered because tendons and other
connective tissues receive less oxygenated blood than other places in your body. If
you’re recovering after a muscle or joint injury, our doctors can deliver you guidance
towards getting back on your feet. Contact us to book in a consultation now, in order to
find an approach that suits your fitness level, injury status and abilities.


Our experienced research and development team continuously dedicate themselves to
finding ways to assist clients of all walks of nature. With a doctor readily available to
help, we can provide answers to your questions through a no-obligation consultation.
For more information, please feel free to email us at
[email protected]


1. Fast Assessment

As peptides in Australia are classified as schedule 4 medication, we legally require you to fill out a quick health assessment form before you can enter our online store, and view our products. You can find the form Here.


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Once the form has been filled out, and you have chosen a username and password, you will be taken straight to our online store where you can browse our products. Your log in details are also emailed to you.

3. Safe & Secure Checkout

Check out using our safe and secure payment gateway! Product shipping is included in the ‘Mandatory Prescription, Consumables & Shipping.’ You can find out more about that in our FAQ section

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To receive further information and prices of Peptides You will need to complete a simple online medical questionnaire. This is a legal requirement due to the regulation of Peptides in Australia. We cannot legally advertise specific Peptides to the general public without first ascertaining you are over 18 years of age and have submitted the required medical records.

All medical information is confidentially stored on our medical database.


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