What are schedule 4 prescriptions?

Shedule 4 prescriptions are listed and explained via the TGA website

Why are they not allowed to be advertised?

Restrictions on advertising Therapeutic goods are to ensure the safety of the consumer.

What does it mean when I see “for research purposes only” on a product or website?

The term “Research Purposes” means scientific research programs directly under the user’s control, which are specifically directed to the purposes of internal research and not for any Commercial Purpose. The purchase and/or use of these products conveys to the user the non-transferable right to use the products and the components of the products in research conducted by the user. The user will not reformulate the Products and shall not sell or otherwise transfer these products, their components, or materials made therefrom to any third party. User shall not use these products or their components for Commercial Purposes until it has obtained a license for this purpose

Why do you need to go through a screening process / consultation with a Dr for peptides?

This is to ensure that all parameters of the medication are discussed and understood by the patient. It is important that if a patient is desirous of using peptides that they are used responsibly and in accordance with medical guidance .

How long does it take for the new process to be completed and products dispatched?

The projected timeframe in which a consumer / Patient receives the goods depends on their availability and pathology ( if required) and consultation with our professionals.
There are a lot of factors but we use our experience and resources to streamline this process to give as quick a turnaround time as is possible.

Peptides do show up on a standard drug test. We recommend checking to see if your workplace prohibits these amino proteins. If prescription medications are permitted, we can provide your prescription information for your employer.
Drug testing is a routine requirement for athletes who compete for most professional sporting organisations. In many cases, peptides are considered a banned substance. Check with your particular organisation prior to placing an order if you are a professional athlete.
Peptides are entirely legal to obtain and use in Australia with a doctor’s prescription. Considered a schedule 4 medication, this amino protein can be purchased at a licensed compounding pharmacy. It is, however, illegal in Australia to import or export peptides.
The mandatory prescription covers you for the following for each order: 1) The cost to raise a prescription and dispense. 2) The cost of postage to your address provided via aus post express. 3) The cost of the consumables used for the products ( eg needles and swabs).
Yes we can give you a general guideline of what we recommend based purely on what is discussed if any information is missed out by you then we can’t be held accountable.
While we encourage pathology testing, it’s not a requirement. If you do have a pathology performed by your own doctor, we suggest forwarding a copy of the results to us for reference purposes.
We’re not permitted to publicly list prices for peptides because they are a schedule 4 medication. However, you will have access to pricing details once you register online and complete the medical questionnaire.
The peptides we offer to customers are manufactured by Australian compounding pharmacies. We only work with pharmacies licensed to compound peptides.
Sorry we do not offer refunds so choose carefully or ask questions before ordering.
Your needles and syringes should never be thrown into the trash. You can purchase a disposable container from your local pharmacy. It can often be disposed of at the same pharmacy where you purchased the container. You can also contact a disposal facility in your area.